Where is Taxco?

Interested in visiting one of the most scenic and interesting pueblos in Mexico?

Taxco, Mexico, is located about 120 kilometers southwest of Mexico City, inside the bordering state of Guerrero. 

This makes it a convenient destination for tourists who pass through Mexico City. 

We’ve provided a number of other guides on Taxco Mexico. These include articles on getting to Taxco, tourism in Taxco, safety in Taxco, and a brief guide to the history of Taxco de Alarcon. 

Taxco silver marks also provide some interesting insight into the local jewelry market’s background. 

Aside from being a jewelry supplier, we offer tours and have a local Taxco silver shop as well. The saturday silver market is something every visitor to Taxco must see, but the prices there usually aren’t right, and sometimes the silver jewelry there is plated. If you’re not sure what I mean by this, check out our article on the difference between sterling silver and solid silver: sterling silver vs. pure silver.

We work to maintain our commitment to being one of the few local, sustainable jewelry brands.

If you’re a designer or have designers on staff, we may be able to help you smooth out your production. We offer custom jewelry manufacturing services that are high-quality, reliable, convenient and less expensive than producing in the United States. We also discuss the basics of the jewelry manufacturing process.

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