Taxco Silver: Fine Sterling Silver from Mexico

The Taxco silver market is burgeoning with creativity! One of our main goals is to help connect buyers to the Taxco silver market. In this article, we’ll take a look at what’s locally available.

What is Taxco Jewelry? 

Taxco jewelry most simply refers to any jewelry that originates from Taxco de Alarcon! Mexican jewelry and broader Latin American jewelry styles are found here. So are styles from other regions, including innovations in silver that have won national and international awards for mastery of silversmithing. As a result of these competitions, Taxco silversmiths are some of the best in the continent. Taxco silver marks are often present on pieces from Taxco, verifying that they are, in fact, 925 silver or above. All the pieces featured on this website are 925 sterling silver or above!

In the future, we’ll be expanding on Taxco silversmiths and to silversmithing in general, to provide more detail as to how the art evolved over time. This marks an important series of events in the progression of jewelry making techniques and of style as well!

Santa Prisca Silver offers jewelry to retailers, shipped from our factory based in Taxco. Orders help the artisans we’re partnered with stay busy. As of today, our minimum order amount was lowered to $500! We hope this makes our store more accessible to retailers as well as customers interested in buying some of our pricier pieces.

Taxco de Alarcon is known as one of the country’s most magical pueblos. If you’re interested in learning more, take a look at what the city has to offer. We also cover parts of Taxco, Mexico’s silver manufacturing history, including 925 Mexico silver marks used by artisans like a signature on a painting to claim their work in the bustling Taxco market.

William Spratling and the Jewelry Market

British expat William Spratling was a traveller from England who was passionate about the tradition of Latin American jewelry. A natural entrepreneur, he founded Taxco’s first jewelry workshop in 1929. The Taxco silver market has evolved into a mecca of artisanry. Now, Taxco’s city streets are lined with dozens of jewelry stores. Prety much whatever one could want, including silver bracelets, silver rings and silver necklaces of all shapes and sizes.  

Here are some of the selections we manufacture in our workshop in Taxco that are available for order now:

Taxco Silver Bracelets  

Taxco Silver Earrings 

Taxco Silver Necklace, Pendant and Earring Combination

We also plan to expand out selection to carry more vintage Taxco silver in the future, including the type Mexican sterling you might have seen worn by a Taxco warrior back in the day!

Take a look here for more information about sterling silver vs. pure silver. Most of the time the pieces are marked, and almost always, jewelry designed to be worn is made of sterling silver, which is comprised of an additional more study form of metal in addition to the silver. Although, one should try to avoid silver played jewelry, unless seeking something very inexpensive and basic! Check out our wholesale Taxco silver store. Taxco sterling silver necklaces are some of our fastest moving pieces for our retail partners. Or call it Taxco plata if you’re a native Spanish speaker!

We have a variety of Taxco sterling silver rings. In the future, we plan to expand into vintage Taxco silver rings. All in good time!