Product Design and Prototyping

Do you need new models designed for your brand or for your store?

Our design team turns concepts into prototypes. We then develop a consistent process for bulk production.

During onboarding, we’ll take you through the product development process for each model, whether it’s a ring, bracelet, pendant, earring, or something in a completely different product category.

We will choose a tried and true prototyping method, depending on the model’s characteristics.

Handmade: Some designs are suitable for a handmade process. There may be an option to mold the prototype to proceed with ‘lost wax’ for bulk production. Others may need to be made by hand in bulk production as well.

Autocad to Mold: Alternatively, the best option for some designs is to develop a 3d model in autocad, then 3d print it, and make a silicon mold using the 3d printed resin figure. Then, we can manufacture the pieces in bulk in ‘lost wax.’

Wax to Mold: Sometimes we may opt to have an artisan create a handmade resin figure and use that to make a silicon mold. The mold can then be used for ‘lost wax’ production.

Stamps and Dies: Stamps carry over detail in the same way that molds do, and they are extremely durable. For some pieces, we’ve used handmade resin figures to convert to dies. In others, we’ve extrapolated the stamp design from an image. If you need a logo or emblem, we can also create a brass stamp that can be applied by hand to the piece.

If you already have molds, we can use them to get started on production right away.

Please reach out below to get started. We look forward to learning more about your project.