Jewelry Design: STL Custom Design

Santa Prisca Silver provides autoCAD design services. Our first stage is developing an STL file for you that renders your product vision in 3d and can be used for much more.

From there, if you wish to continue, we use a 3d printer to make a resin figure and make silicon molds for lost wax production.

If you’re new to the process I’d encourage you to read on. If you’re interested in having us design STLs and/or create industrial molds for you, please reach out using the contact form below for a quote.

We offer more than a decade of design experience, attentive collaboration and pricing that is far more affordable than what you’ll find in a premier manufacturing org stateside.

Process Overview

The journey often starts with a jewelry design sketch on your end that our designers can start to recreate as a 3d model. The custom design process is collaborative and continues back and forth until you’re satisfied with the final rendering. When it’s ready, if it’s just the file you need, we can send it over.

However, if you want us to proceed, we’ll use a 3d printer to print the model in resin. We use the resin figure to create an industrial silicon mold that may be used to replicate your design in the thousands.

If the design is for one of our manufacturing clients, we use the mold to move forward with prototypes and production of a custom jewelry design. Most often, our lost wax pieces are in sterling silver. We offer jewelry manufacturing to designers and retailers with an established distribution model at order minimums of 1 kilo.  

We start with your sketches and jewelry design ideas. However, our designers also have creative ideas that sometimes provide pleasant surprises to our clients and can enhance or completely change the custom jewelry design. We’re glad to follow the client’s direction, but when other good ideas surface, we’ll share those little inspiring notes with you as well. 

After we have the basic design done, we can also adjust for ring sizing and create multiple molds for that, if needed. 

STL Design Expertise

We are adept at designing jewelry; STL files for lost wax production. This is a process in which liquid silver needs to be able to flow freely throughout the wax tree during casting.

There are both structural and process issues that only an expert may detect in a custom design. These are important to detect early on, including signs that the structural integrity of the autocad design may have weak points that could cause a casted piece to break.

A jewelry design studio should be able to detect faults in the design that could cause faults in the mold and therefore in the final cast pieces as well. When design mistakes are built into a mold or resin figure, one has to go back to the design process, so it’s important to get it right from the beginning. We’ll schedule a time to start working on your design(s), which typically don’t take longer than a week, unless we’re seeing considerable backlog.  

Some retailers and designers like to buy already-made STL models online at discounted rates, but buyers should beware, because cheap STL models often have design flaws that need to be fixed. If you go straight to printing, the final piece may have issues. We’ve recommended fixes for a number of STLs that were purchased online, and we’re glad to provide that service as well, although it is often best to get a fresh start.  

Jewelry Design Logo

You may want to use a custom logo. We can take a logo file and integrate it into your design. Options also include a custom brass stamp/die that can be used to imprint a logo or brand name onto metal pieces. This often gives the piece a nice handmade look. Alternatively, we can see that the logo is integrated into an STL file, so it becomes part of the mold itself. A third option is to use laser engraving. This is the most accurate and consistent approach, although some prefer stamped logos for a handmade aesthetic. 

Types of Pieces  

Designers, retailers, jewelry stores and jewelers need all types of new jewlery made. We work in lost wax and handmade, providing custom design and manufacturing services.  

We can develop in-house a variety of types of high-quality pieces and models, ranging from mid-market to fine jewelry, whether it’s just one piece that you need thousands of for your jewelry business or a significantly broader jewelry collection.  

New pieces could be rings, earrings, pendants or charms with posts, prongs or studs needed, soldering included. We work with precious metals, gold and silver, but can also cast in casting metals, brass or copper and can do up to three micron silver and/or gold plating. Family Heirlooms can be replicated (if you’re willing to send them). We’ll make a mold using the original model, and move onto production! 

We can find any additional stones you need, including gemstones, precious stones, semi-precious stones and czs and set them as well. When it comes to chains, we generally produce a factory match that will work with the STL. However, in special circumstances, a STL chain design may be warranted. 

Reach out now for a quote for STL designs. In some cases, we can go from design to finished prototype in two weeks.


How to design STL files?

That’s a hard question to answer, but there are plenty of courses and programs online that can help teach you the skills you need to be a proficient designer. If you want to be the one to meticulously develop your own models, jewelry design classes, jewelry design programs or jewelry design courses may be right for you.

Courses on STL Design 

There are many options for those seeking a course online that teach you how to make your own STL files. A jewelry design course online can be a great way to get started. Tutorials and online courses teach new skills. Technical drawings may reveal geometric details that are difficult to perceive with the naked eye in a jewelry design online course. It may also help to take a look at a jewelry design gallery in detail for inspiration.  

STL Custom Designs: 

STL files are those used most commonly by jewelry design websites and services, so if someone starts talking about sending or modifying an ‘STL,’ you’ll know what they mean. 

Jewelry Design 3d Printing: 

The increased affordability and availability of 3d printers has changed the game for the manufacturing industry. We can now print a design and made it into a mold in less than a week, then head right into production. 

Jewelry Design Software & Jewelry Design Apps

Rhino is among the more popular programs for jewelry design. But design often requires a high degree of focus, so we’d recommend learning and doing on a desktop or a laptop. 

How to Get my Jewelry Designs Manufactured

If you’re seeking production in bulk (1 kilo of sterling silver or more), drop us a line. We’d be glad to look into how to produce your pieces. 

Jewelry Design Books 

There are quite a few jewelry design books available online. These are great to understand more about how famous designers came to develop their own style. Narratives written by successful jewelry designers can also help provide perspective and sound business advice for those in the industry. Of course, it’s important to maintain originality in your designs. Skilled designers nonetheless remain inspirational stars to steer by. 

How to cut STL models for 3d printing 

Sometimes designs are too big for a 3d printer to handle printing all at once. If this is the case, you may need to split your design down into multiple smaller pieces for your 3d printer to print. The pieces can be combined later. Netfabb Basic and Meshmixer are both helpful programs for this, and there are a number of helpful tutorials online.

Jewelry Design Studio 

Often a space mixed between handmade and computerized design, these creative spaces often provide inspiration and an opportunity for knowledge to be shared.

Jewelry Design Free Software

It can cost quite a bit to buy professional design software. However, if you’re just getting your feet wet, you may want to check out programs that are free or that have generous trials, like Blender and Rhino. If you’re a student, you may qualify for a discount.  

Jewelry Design Templates

Jewelry design templates let you sketch out specific shapes accurately on paper, which can be cut and then used during prototype development. If you want to get past the handmade process, we recommend making a silicon mold using your prototype and producing in bulk using lost-wax. We can make molds using original pieces, just as we can using resin models printed from autocad designs.

Factory Jewelry Collection 

Santa Prisca Silver offers a number of factory pieces for retailers interested in stock items. 

jewerly designs in gold.