Custom Jewelry Manufacturing Services

We launched as a wholesale retailer in early 2019.

But we quickly discovered a gap in the market for custom jewelry manufacturing services.

And after a few trial runs, I realized that we had the right skills to reliably create custom jewelery and ongoing supply for designers.

Finding a Supplier

Designers often struggle to find a supplier who will guide them through an easy, affordable startup process.

Getting this right can mean the difference between successfully taking the first steps towards an entrepreneurial dream and never making your designs a reality.

What to Expect

The purpose of this page is to give you a sense as to what our startup process is like, how long it will take, and what it will cost.

This means turning your designs into custom pieces that you can take to market, allowing you to grow your brand and your business.

Getting Started

Jewelry manufacturing companies often have hefty startup fees and initial order minimums in the thousands of pieces.

In other cases, designers wind up having serious communication issues with a manufacturer thousands of miles away.

In order to remedy this problem, our goal at Santa Prisca Silver has been to offer world-class professional service, a very simple framework for the early startup process and steady ongoing supply of custom jewelry for our designer partners.

Simple Process from Start of Contact to Consistent Supply

First, we’ll respond to your inquiry with respect to your specific interests.

Your Assigned Account Rep.

The owner of the company is also the head account manager, so you will have one point of contact who will answer questions, provide updates, and directly oversee and manage all manufacturing operations in Taxco, Mexico. This framework empowers your account manager to direct staff in accordance with all specs, expectations, orders etc. that take place.

Send your Specifications

We will ask for as much detail about your designs as we can get. Usually this involves sending us sketches, measurements and details about desired materials. Although we are branded as primarily a supplier of silver jewelry, we have skilled artisans with a broad range of experience who have access to a wide variety of materials. If your pieces require a unique or rare skillset to manufacture, we’ll hire someone to come work with us on a temporary basis, as needed. We routinely work in sterling silver and gold as well.

Prototyping Process (1-2 weeks)

Third, we will get to work on initial models of your pieces. Usually, it’s best to start with one to three designs, so we can make sure that we get these right before moving on. Generally, it takes several attempts before we develop a piece that we feel we are ready to present to you. In this process, we create a new design prototype, scrutinize it, and develop new versions until we have a match in terms of measurement and aesthetic consistency with your original design concept.

As the model progresses, we will send pictures and video updates. Or, if you’d like to see the models in person before approving a larger order, we can ship them to you, so you can get a better look. Once a model is approved, we are ready to start as your supplier.


This is a good time to talk about cost, which can depend on the complexity of your pieces. Some designers have ideas that can be borne out simply by eyeing and measuring them carefully. Others have extremely intricate designs that will require 3d molds. After we get the chance to take a look at your designs, we’ll be able to come back to you with an estimate of what it will cost us in materials and labor to complete an acceptable final model. Usually, this ranges from $300 to $500 cases in non-refundable fees.

However, if you are a new designer without cashflow, in some cases you may qualify to have us fund the early development of your prototypes – This would simply require either the assurance that we can expect an initial order of $1,000 or more once the process is finished.

Ongoing Supply

After we have a working model for your pieces, we are ready to replicate them. We’ll be in close touch with you to coordinate the delivery of your first bulk order. And we’ll keep in close contact to see how business is going, so we can plan our manufacturing and shipping schedule to ensure that demand is met as your customer base continues to grow. You may have other custom designs for us to develop, so you can fill out your collection. In this case, we’d simply start the modelling process again with your new designs while continuing to maintian consistent supply.

If you are interested, please reach out below to get a quick response from us. We look forward to getting in touch!