Custom Jewelry Manufacturing Services

We work with various retail partners in sterling silver manufacturing.

Methods are primarily lost-wax and handmade for the production of 925 sterling silver pieces. We also provide plating, bezel work, and settings.


It can be difficult to get started, especially when it comes to custom design. We commit to quality prototypes, good communication, and a timely startup process.

A viable partner for us is someone with an established store seeking to hand off manufacturing responsibilities to focus on other aspects of a growing business. We are also proud to manufacture for large, established, longstanding brands.

The design process is collaborative, whether in AutoCAD or handmade. Feel free to reach out to us below for a quote for custom design or with any questions.


If you have molds already, we can use them to make prototypes at our next casting quite quickly.

If you’re seeking to make original designs, we can provide them in AutoCAD or create handmade wax figures, make silicon molds, and cast samples.

Ongoing Supply

After we have a working model for your pieces, we’ll be ready for production.

For the most part, we work with 925 sterling silver. Other services include gold plating, silver plating, casting in non-precious metals, logo die creation & logo laser printing.

Please reach out below to get a quick response from us if you’re interested. We look forward to learning more about your project.