Custom Jewelry Manufacturing Services


Santa Prisca Silver provides bulk custom jewelry manufacturing services.

Methods are primarily lost-wax and handmade, for production of 925 sterling silver pieces.

Finding a Supplier

Taxco can be a difficult place to get started, especially when it comes to custom designs. We commit to quality production, good communication and an affordable and timely startup process.

What to Expect

This page summarizes our startup process and some of the production methods we use to manufacture dozens of kilos per month in sterling for clients in New York, Miami, Houston, LA, and elsewhere in the world.

Clients on the receiving end of our production are designers, retailers, and vendors with a currently established distribution model, seeking a reliable, long-term partnership in a manufacturer.

We’re also no stranger to pass-offs for influential designers to major retailers in the US, Canada, and Mexico, and in some cases, we’re even trusted enough to pass-off product directly to retailers without being requested by designers that they have a chance to perform intermediary QA.

The design process is collaborative, whether in AutoCAD or handmade pieces. We’ll work with you on the design until you’re satisfied. Reach out to us below for a quote for custom handmade design or for STL design.

We can handle every step along the way, including design, 3d resin printing, mold creation, casting, finishing, QA, shipping etc.

Account Manager

One point of contact throughout the whole process will answer questions, provide updates, and directly oversee and manage all manufacturing operations in Taxco, Mexico. This framework empowers us to direct staff in accordance with all specs, expectations, orders etc. that take place.

Prototyping Process

There are several methods for prototyping, but we generally lean towards a lost-wax process, because it allows us to collaborate on an AutoCAD design that can be 3d printed in resin and used to make a mold.

With this, final production is very consistent with our early prototypes, because the mold is used to make all pieces. We can print your pieces and make new molds in under a week, and then cast the following weekend.

This means that prototypes are sometimes available within two weeks. If it takes longer than this, it’s often due to time spent finalizing the design. If you want custom handmade pieces made, it may take longer than the lost-wax process.


Reach out to us for a quote on STL design or handmade design or for questions about rates for bulk production. Design, printing, and molding are one-time prices per piece, whereas final models are priced by weight and can be discounted above certain quantities.

Ongoing Supply

After we have a working model for your pieces, we are ready to replicate them. We’ll be in close touch with you to coordinate the delivery of your first bulk orders. Our standard expectation for minimum orders is 1 kilo of sterling silver.

Standard product is in 925 sterling silver. Other services include gold plating, silver plating, casting in non-precious metals, logo die creation & logo laser printing.

If you are interested, please reach out below to get a quick response from us. We look forward to getting in touch and hopping on a video call, if desired!