Santa Prisca Silver is a wholesale silver jewelry dealer based in Taxco, Mexico. 

Carrying on in the tradition of William Spratling, who founded the first jewelry workshop in Taxco in 1929, our team is made up of silversmiths who have decades of experience and whose families have been involved in the jewelry industry for generations. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality silver jewelry pieces that people will truly fall in love with, while supporting the local economy of jewelry dealers and artisans in Taxco. At a minimum, all pieces are .925 sterling silver, carefully handcrafted.    

We are named after Santa Prisca, the prominent church built in Taxco de Alarcon’s zocalo. 

As a wholesaler, our Taxco silver selection serves mostly retailer operations in the United States. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat about how we work or even if you’re just looking to connect. The story of our little company is ongoing!



The Team at Santa Prisca Silver


P.S. One other thing! On our blog, we post regularly. Check back, now and again, for updates!