How to Outsource Jewelry Manufacturing

Here I’ll lay out a few steps for outsourcing your jewelry manufacturing operation. Then, I’ll go into more detail as to how Santa Prisca Silver has successfully led outsourcing projects. 

This applies whether you are looking to replace domestic operations or to start them from scratch. While we handle orders in the thousands of jewelry pieces for necklaces, bracelets, rings etc. Our minimum order size is $1,000, which lends accessibility to the newer and smaller players in the market too. 


Find a jewelry manufacturer – It seems that almost everything these days starts with a Google search. Developing a shortlist of viable manufacturers is an early first step. You can look online and also check with your network. Friends and fellow industry professionals are likely to have a few tips. Accumulate a list of names of companies to reach out to with a list of questions. Among the things your may want to know are the following..

  • Can the jewelry manufacturer work with the materials required? Are those materials reasonably priced and easily sourced from the location of the manufacturer? 
    • What are some early price estimates?
    • If prices seem a bit too high, it is generally worth checking back again to see if they can come down at all. 
    • What’s their process for outsourcing from A to Z?
    • What are the minimum bulk orders? 
    • What free goods or services come with bulk orders?

Get Onboarded – Once things seem above board, you’ll have some homework to do on your end before the manufacturer can get started on a bulk order. I’ll put the steps to getting started with manufacturing below. These are also similar to what you’ll need to do any time you want your outsourced jewelry manufacturer to start working on new pieces for you. 

  • Complete the steps to turn your concept into something that is production-ready.
    • Send accurate sketches of your pieces and specifications
    • Have 3d CAD completed, and approve the final design
    • Conduct 3d Printing for models 
    • Complete the casting
    • Approve the prototype

Before production starts, you’ll need to have a final jewelry prototype created by the manufacturer.  

Start Production – It may not always be the best idea to transition all your production immediately. It’s generally better to start small with a new supplier. Establish mutual trust before you start to depend on them for all your supply. 

Reach out to us below if any of the following apply:

  • If you are seeking to outsource all or part of your jewelry manufacturing operation.
  • If you need one or more custom pieces designed or manufactured.
  • If you are interested in the wholesale Taxco jewelry we have on offer.