Is Taxco, Mexico Safe?

Taxco is heavily frequented by tourists. Typically, they arrive on the weekends at the bus station. They come on Fridays and leave on Sundays and seem to enjoy Taxco de Alarcon even more for the brief time they have to spent here. 

A steady flow of tourists is one of the first indications of the general perception of Taxco. Much like many other places that have rough reputations, staying within certain bounds is always a requirement. But, in Taxco, even this sounds like a bit of an exaggeration. 

TAXCO, MEXICO – OCT 28, 2016: Main square (Zocalo) in Taxco, Mexico. The town is known because of its Silver products

Pretty much all the tourists will make the climb or the drive to see the statue of Christ the Redeemer on the mountain. You should be in very good physical condition before you try to walk here from the city center, because the elevation climb is no joke. And walking will take you through some local neighborhoods, where messing with tourists is usually off limits.

However, in some cases, local kids drink and smoke in alleyways, and among some of these groups here you will not find even the remotest sign of respect for your peace of mind or your private space. If you’re unfortunate enough to stay anywhere near this mess, it’s best to move on as soon as possible rather than trying to regulate or change anyone’s behavior. A number of the youth in particular hardly attend school, are neglected or even abused by their parents, and wander around during the day. Few of them have ever traveled outside Taxco. They have a strong sense of ownership of the local barrios, which could even include the stoop right outside your doorway.

In circumstances like these, the police are rarely very helpful in making any significant change. They may come and yell at a few kids, but right after the police leave, the kids just go back to whatever they were doing. The ultimate freedom in Mexico often means the freedom to impose on others. If you want to avoid this, it’s best to stay at a hotel where staff will be attentive to looking out for both their premises and the surrounding street.   

The question of safety in Taxco can be a somewhat controversial topic. This is because of the incident that happened in November 2018, where a Red Cross worker and three policemen were killed while distributing supplies. Incidents like this are extremely rare and unlucky.

Anyone who has traveled in Southeast Asia will find a few interesting parallels here. The local powers that be in Taxco are not incentivized to create problems with tourists, because this would damage Taxco’s reputation, and a lot of money is made from tourism. The perception would spread that Taxco is a dangerous city to visit, and it would negatively impact the city’s economic situation. So, as a tourist only visiting for a few days, the most danger you should reasonably expect is in the slightly chaotic driving or of being ripped off at the Saturday silver market. 

Let’s also take note of what the US State Department and others are saying about safety here. Taxco is considered off limits in the Mexico travel advisory. One could say this source is a bit overzealous in their travel warnings, given that both Canada and the UK have approved Taxco for travel. All three have generally warned against,

So, of course, you should always use your best judgement. However Taxco is a very safe place to visit in general. If you decide to make it out to see Santa Prisca, the narrow cobblestone streets, some of the local silver museums and historical museums and enjoy the local food as well, you should not be trembling in fear! There are many great sights and sounds here to experience.

If you are interested in learning more, we have other content available on Taxco. Santa Prisca Silver is a wholesale jewelry dealer. Feel free to reach out to us below if you have any questions. We maintain standards to avoid waste and remain an ethical and sustainable jewelry brand.