How to Find a Jewelry Supplier in Taxco

The first step is to find jewelry that your customers will love. Craftsmanship and quality from your supplier should meet high standards. Trust and reliability in a partner are also key. Sometimes, it is best to start with small orders first, just to manage your risk in the beginning. 

Why Choose the Wholesale Silver Market In Taxco?

Taxco is a mecca of silver jewelry mining and artisanry. Tourists come from around the world to experience the sights, sounds and food of this relatively small pueblo. Check out our guide to Taxco, if you want to learn more. 

No visit is complete without perusing the Mercado de Plata o Tianguis Sabatino, the city’s famous street silver market. It’s only open only on Saturdays. You may find the vendors there to be tough negotiators and the quality there a bit inconsistent. It can help to double-check the price of silver

Most Mexican silver jewelry is both mined, smithed and created in Taxco. You can find quite a few shops here, but English is not that widely spoken. Feel free to reach out to us if you need a guide. We can show you around and often find pieces that are unique, often at much better prices than you’ll get in the marketplace, especially when the language barrier becomes an issue.

A trustworthy vendor will be able to guarantee that a piece is actually as advertised, that the Taxco silver marks actually match the piece included. Most crucially, this often means being solid 925 silver, rather than being plated. This is one of the most common swindles in the local market, another key reason it’s important to have a supplier who can verify quality standards before anything gets shipped. 

Any inconsistencies in the supplier’s quality will be passed directly onto you and your customers, and this will impact customer satisfaction and your business’ reputation. 

Taxco is one of the main silver producers in the world, making it generally abundant and affordable here. Naturally, Taxco has also become a center for silversmithing and silver artisanry. Hundreds of Taxco silversmiths are internationally known. Skill leads to more consistency in silver jewelry production, greater creativity and intricacy of design, and a better finish in the products overall. 

The image below is of the Cacahuamilca Caves, old local mines no longer in operation, but which can still be explored.

This tradition goes back to 1929 when American architect and designer, William Spratling arrived in Taxco and founded the first silver jewelry workshop, called Las Delicias. The wholesale Taxco silver jewelry market spread from there into designs that stem from a wide variety of methods. Here’s a brief history of Taxco de Alarcon that we’ve provided. 

A bigger advantage of finding your supplier in Taxco is that all the silver jewelry is handmade, and the techniques and designs are unique to the rest of the world.

The location of Taxco is perfect for leisure, business, and exploring the world of jewelry. In this small town, you will find hundreds of little jewelry stores that line the cobblestone streets. Short warning, though. If you’re thinking of sending an employee to Taxco to do business in person, it might not always be the best idea. Certain government restrictions may place bans on going to the state of Guerrero. 

Where To Buy Wholesale Taxco Silver

There are a number of authentic silver suppliers in Taxco. If you have purchasing needs for a retail silver store, the Taxco silver market may be just right for you. 

Wholesale businesses should have a decent track record, the ability to supply on short notice, and a selection that fits the style of your retail organization. Sometimes product fitment for your store is just as important as variety. Our priority was to select pieces that people truly love rather than posting thousands of product listings.

Export issues can cause delays, but this is seldom the case when a supplier refuses to take the cheap route with shipping. While keeping shipping free for our partners, we pay top dollar to ensure that our orders are shipped on-time. If you are located outside the US, let us know, and we’ll double-check whether we can ship to your country. Check out our silver jewelry store for more information. 

Find suppliers with reasonable prices for good quality Taxco jewelry. Just be warned that prices that seem unrealistically low may lead to poor quality or plated designs. 

Communication is another important element of the relationship. A company that has native english speakers in client-facing roles will make for easier communication. Meanwhile, it’s important that the supplier maintain close partnerships in the local market. In our case, a Mexican/American relationship has proven proficient and successful. 

We are furthermore expanding our operations to produce jewelry that is custom-designed. So, if you’re both a retailer and a designer, we can work from a mold or a file to bring your design to life. 

Moving Forward with Jewelry Supplier Relationships

Santa Prisca Silver is one of the leading Taxco sterling locations. We are rapidly expanding our Taxco wholesale footprint in the US and elsewhere, as a supplier for anything from Mexican silver rings wholesale to much more. 

Check out our silver jewelry selections or feel free to reach out if you’d like to get in touch.