What is Taxco, Mexico Known for?

Taxco is a little pueblo in the mountains just a few hours drive from Mexico City. It’s popular among tourists who often visit for a weekend, and it’s small enough that you can get a good lay of the land in just a couple days and enjoy yourself.  

Taxco is most known for its silver mines and its silver markets as well as the intricate silver artisanry that originates here. It’s also a fairly traditional Spanish colonial town with narrow cobblestone streets, iconic Spanish roof tiles, and a number of churches, including Santa Prisca itself, which is in the quite scenic Zocalo, or the city center. 

Taxco’s silver market is at the heart of its economy. You’ll find silver shops nearly everywhere in the streets. Competition is stiff, so prices are usually good for those willing to visit. You can also wander through some of the old silver mines, which have been turned into museums. There’s a burgeoning street silver market that only opens on Saturdays. There’s a wide array of museum’s here, including William Spratling’s workshop, an American entrepreneur and designer who is known for helping develop and promote the silver market in Taxco in the early 20th century. 

Attractions include the Museo Casa de Las Lagrimas o Casa Figueroa, Casa Humboldt, the Museo Guillermo Spratling, as noted above, and the silver museum.

Feel free to let us know if you’re making your way to Taxco. We provide regular tours of the city’s main features.

Just outside the city limits, you’d find the hot springs, which are nice for a relaxing dip. These are also said to take a few years off you, aging wise, but don’t quote us on that! Check out our other posts for more info on Taxco silver marks, custom jewelry manufacturing, and telling the difference between sterling silver and pure silver.

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