How to get to Taxco from Mexico City

There are multiple ways to get to Taxco from Mexico City. Your best option will depend mostly on budget as well as how adventurous you’re feeling. If you’re on vacation, you’re likely to want to splurge a bit more and opt for comfort. In that case, it may be best to get a private taxi or to go with a local tour group. 

If you take a private taxi, you should not expect to spend more than $45. Depending on your negotiation skills, you may be able to spend significantly less. You can also get a rental car, if you’re interested in driving yourself. The traffic in Mexico City can get a bit wild, but the highway driving is not that bad. 

Just make sure that if you decide to drive yourself, you go during the day and have your directions mapped out well. I stayed in Taxco for over three months and found it to be very safe, but getting stuck along the way for any reason would not be ideal, especially at night. 

Charter Bus to Taxco

There are also fairly decent buses that run between Taxco and Mexico city. You should expect the bus trip to take just over three hours and to get more scenic the further you get from the city and into the mountains. 

These aren’t just local, rundown buses, they are often considered luxury buses, which are clean and comfortable. Typically, they go directly to the bus station without making stops along the way and may even have wifi. You can get a one-way bus ticket for 10 to 15 bucks. These can be booked online beforehand, or you can just roll up to the front desk and buy a ticket with cash, although it may be best to at least check online beforehand to make sure there are seats available. 

From Mexico City, you can catch a bus to Taxco at Taxqueña bus station in the relatively southern part of the city. You’ll likely need to catch a cab to get there, unless you want to use the super cheap option and take the subway. Fair warning though, that when living in Mexico City I almost never took public transportation. The buses and metro can get extremely crowded and uncomfortable and are completely insane during rush hour. You’ll end up spending way more time in transit. Plus, uber and other ride apps are ridiculously cheap, so it’s very seldom worth the savings. That said, public transit in CDMX is an experience you should probably have at least once.   

Arriving in Taxco

In Taxco, you will arrive at the Costa Line Bus Terminal. It’s usually the second stop when you arrive in town. Keep in mind that Uber and other ridesharing apps do not operate in Taxco. The market here has essentially been entirely corned by the local powers that be. Local cabs are all white classic Volkswagon Beatles, which are basically everywhere, are super easy to hail and are not at all expensive. You just need to flag one down from wherever you are and give an address, and you should not expect to pay more than 30 or 40 pesos to get around town (two dollars max). Don’t be afraid to hop in a cab in Taxco! Most drivers are honest, just make sure you confirm the price beforehand to avoid any potential confusion or arguments when you arrive. If you don’t get the price you want, just hail another cab. These guys are everywhere!

This concludes our tips for getting to Taxco from Mexico City. Feel free to reach out if we can help you out with anything. 

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