Jewelry Manufacturing and Supply

We offer jewelry manufacturing services and wholesale jewelry supply to clients in the US and around the world.

We offer jewelry manufacturing services and wholesale jewelry supply to clients in the US and around the world.

Our craft draws upon the experience of artisans who have been working with precious metals in Taxco de Alarcon, Mexico for more than three generations.

This article gives an overview of the services we offer and what to expect during our onboarding process.

Jewelry Manufacturing Services  

Santa Prisca Silver is based in Taxco, Guerrero, where we manage and produce orders from around the world. Our location is affordable. We have access to top artisans in the jewelry industry, also within a few days shipping of the US.

Wholsalers and designers in the jewelry industry have moved production to Mexico to avoid the distance and communication issues involved in working with factories in Asia.

If you are a manufacturer just starting out, we ask for either a $500 startup fee or an initial wholesale jewelry order of $2000.

Custom Jewelry Manufacturing Process: Starting-up

Custom jewelry manufacturers sometimes have high minimum orders that make it harder to get started in the jewelry business. These are also barriers to moving production to more economically advantageous locations.

We turn custom designs into bulk production, so you can build your brand. Whether you choose to acknowledge us publicly as your manufacturer is up to you. Some brands choose to keep this a secret, while others instead choose to share.

We offer a few things to make the process easier:

  • $500 onboarding for custom jewelry manufacturing, plus $100 per piece
  • Minimum orders of $1,500 (significantly less than what is usually found).
  • Affordable design services (even if you are just starting with a sketch on a piece of paper).
  • Native English speaking account manager.

The manufacturing process involves:

  • Relating designs
  • STL check or STL design process
  • 3d resin printing
  • Silicone mold production
  • Sample creation

After we have a silicone mold, we’ll be able to create your piece in bulk. Reach out to us for expenses. It’s probably far less than you think.

We manufacture using a variety of metals, not just silver!

We generally work with STL or Rhino files.

We’ll take a look at your files or can generate designs based on your pictures in-house with our professional jewelry designer.

Working with a variety of precious metals:

  • 14k gold
  • 18k gold
  • Gold-plated jewelry
  • Sterling silver
  • Oxidized sterling silver
  • Stainless steel jewelry
  • And more…

Stone choices vary:

  • Cubic zirconia
  • Glass
  • Dichroic glass
  • Diamonds (precious metals are more often used in diamond jewelry, as are precious stones)
  • Gemstones (we offer a wide variety of gemstones and can source any precious stones you need domestically in Mexico. This is often cheaper than sending us stones from the US)
  • We can also track down raw material for production on our end, although we are less a provider of jewelry supplies. For direct raw material orders for assembly in the US, its usually better to order from a supplier that has warehousing in the US.  
  • And more…

925 silver jewelry and gold-plated jewelry tend to be the most popular precious metals. Gold plating is available in one micron, two microns or three microns. The silver jewelry we produce is marked as ‘925,’ which is by far the most common alloy.

Three micron gold plating lasts far longer before tarnishing starts to take place. However, it’s the most expensive option. Some designers and wholesale clients actually prefer the look of one micron plating, because of the results in the gold coloring.

 Stainless steel jewelry is far less sought after, but it is nonetheless an available choice.

Working with wax molds is sometimes the way to go, but it doesn’t allow for allow for quite as much customization later on in the design process.

Also, a new wax mold would need to be made for each individual size of the same piece.

If you’re working with rings or bracelets and need a variety of sizes, it can be much easier to make those design changes in an STL file and then develop individual silicone molds for each size from there. As a bulk jewelry manufacturer, Santa Prisca Silver can provide thousands of pieces to you or more per month.

Even if you just have pictures or a sketch, once we have your rough specifications, we can take that ideation and turn it into a 3d model that will be viable to fashion jewelry in bulk production.

After we have samples made, we’ll document them carefully with pictures and video for your approval. Or, if you need, we’ll be glad to send the samples to you at no cost.

Outsourced Jewelry Manufacturing  

Jewelry Design Services and Consultation

If you have an idea and want to test for proof of concept or for structural consistency, we can take a look at your STL file, make design modifications if suggested, print a 3d wax model, create a silicone mold and test out your idea in non-precious metals relatively inexpensively.

It is easy to buy an inexpensive design on the marketplace, so quite often these need to be looked at by a jewelry design professional with the skills to quickly understand what may need to be changed to make a design viable for bulk jewelry production.

Jewelry Piece Replication

Wholesale Supplier Services and Jewelry Sourcing

If you have an online retailer or a brick-and-mortar store, you may be interested in finding new jewelry pieces to offer to your customers or another supplier.

It’s important for retailers to maintain steady supply.

In addition to our custom jewelry manufacturing services, we work as a wholesale supplier.

We offer a standard set of pieces that we produce in the workshop. These include a variety of rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants etc. We’ll soon be expanding these offerings.

Additionally, if there’s a certain type of piece that you’re looking for, there’s a very good chance we can find it for you here in Taxco, whether it’s a specific type of necklace or something more unique. We have affordable wholesale prices and will continue to serve as your supplier for as long as needed.

Before the finished product is sent, it is inspected for any flaws or quality issues. This ensures that the finished product purchased by the consumer is as expected.

This can help take your jewelry business to the next level

Bezel Work and Stone Setting

In addition to our supply and custom manufacturing services, we offer bezel work and stone setting. If you have the perfect stones to use, we turn those into bracelets, necklaces, pendants etc. Reach out to us to get more pictures and details of our work.