Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring

Are you looking to buy a diamond ring for your partner? This post is for you!

Ooh, Marriage

Marriage is one of the most significant decisions of our lives, and we all want it to be special in every possible way. So have you met the girl of your dreams? Are you going to propose to her? Well, congratulations on the next phase of your life. 

But have you purchased the engagement ring yet? If not yet, you’re are among many of the folks out there who are in this jewellery selection business for the very first time. Feeling a bit lost or confused is absolutely natural.

As compared to our opposite gender, we do not have frequent encounters with jewellery. But that’s completely alright, as we are here to help you find the best engagement rings. All you need to do is to keep on reading to master the art of buying the best engagement ring for your future partner-to-be.

You can find various kinds of engagement ring styles and wedding ring styles, including traditional engagement rings, cute engagement rings and of course our favourite diamond rings. However, the question is how to buy an engagement ring that your partner will love and that symbolises your love for her and also your commitment to taking your relationship to the next level? Here is the ultimate guide to choosing the best engagement ring or the best wedding ring for your fiancé.

Budgeting for an Engagement Ring

Before stepping out of your home to purchase an engagement ring, you first have to decide how much you are willing to pay for it. Deciding the budget for an engagement ring lets the jeweler know which rings are within your price range.

While setting the budget for your engagement ring, try not to put a strain on your pocket. Although giving a pricier and expensive engagement ring would make your girl a lot happier, on the other hand, she would never want you to incur an excessive amount of debt (probably). The point here is that it is only the start of your life, and you will surely get enough opportunities to present better rings afterwards.

What About The Ring Size?

A lot of men out there would prefer to take their women along with them while buying an engagement ring to avoid the choice and size issues. Well, we admit it is a prudent approach, but it takes the fun out of planning. You are going to give her the most memorable moments of her life, and it should be a true surprise.

So, now, how are you going to know the size of her ring? Well, here is the solution: take one of her rings that fits her perfectly and get it measured accordingly.

Know Her Engagement Ring Style

Well, here comes the trickiest part of this whole buying an engagement ring endeavour. To take your romance to a whole nother level, you have to buy her the wedding ring of her dreams. But you have to be a little sneaky about this. You need to note down her style statement, the kind of jewellery she wears and likes. Is there a particular stone she likes to wear?

Does she have some specific taste when it comes to having jewellery? All these questions can be answered without giving her a hint about your secret mission. All you need is to analyse the personality of your girlfriend whether she is a very outward person who is more likely to flaunt her engagement ring or a down-to-earth one who doesn’t like to wear much glitz and glam. Once you decode her style and personality, you can easily make the choice of ring style for her.

Choosing an Engagement Ring Band

After choosing the type of ring your future wife would love, the next step is to choose the ring band. There are multiple options available in the market when it comes to choosing a band, including white gold, silver, platinum, rose gold and yellow gold. While choosing the metal for your band, keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages associated with each metal. After all, you are going to buy an engagement ring.

Platinum, for example, is considered very durable metal and stays with you for a long haul but it loses its luster quite easily. Gold, on the other hand, is shinier and easy to buff to get the old shine back. Nowadays, silver rings are in great demand, and people are more into buying them. However, you need to choose the best engagement ring stores for purchasing the finest quality.

Choosing The Diamond

Once you choose the metal for your band, the next step is the choice of diamond. For most of the men out there, choosing the diamond one could be quite a daunting job. The market is filled with a wide variety of diamonds. Choosing the finest quality may require some homework. Know nothing about diamonds? Well, here we are to assist you. Have you heard about the 4 C’s of Diamond? The 4 C’s included the Colour, carat, cut and clarity, and these four factors are crucial to determine the cost and quality of your diamond.


Diamonds come in a variety of colours, and their prices do vary with the colour they have. The absolutely colorless diamonds are highly expensive and rare as compared to the colored ones.


The carat is the measuring unit of the weight of a diamond. The heavier the diamond, the more money you have to spend to purchase it.


The cut of any diamond refers to its proportions and angles. If a diamond has a fine cut, it allows the reflection of light from the top, giving the diamond its true shine and luster. While on the other hand, a poorly cut diamond has less shine due to its distorted angles.


A diamond comes with various inclusions or minerals that dim its clarity. A diamond having few to no mineral impurities in it is highly expensive. You can always discuss the options with your jeweller. But try to avoid a ring with low clarity. This dims the shine in general.

Choose the shape and the setting

The shape and the setting of the diamond depend entirely on your partner’s taste. But for your knowledge, there are many types of engagement ring diamond shapes to choose from.

Diamond Shapes

Diamond comes in various shapes. Your choice of diamond entirely depends on your liking. You can choose your perfect engagement ring diamond from the shapes mentioned below.

–  Round

–  Princess cut

–  Pear shaped

–  Oval shaped

–  Heart shaped

Setting Of the Diamond

The setting in a diamond ring refers to the style in which the diamond is placed in a ring. There are multiple types of settings available on the market. Choosing the right one will depend on your partner’s style preferences. Some of the highly in demand diamond settings in engagement and weddings rings include the following.

– The Tiffany setting

– The Tternity band

– Bezel Setting

– The channel setting

– Pave setting

Choosing the best diamond ring can require a lot of research. We hope this has equipped you with sufficient knowledge to help you carry out your purchase with confidence. Choose the best wedding rings or the best engagement rings but the first search for the best place to get an engagement ring.