Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers: Shipping and Marketing

Santa Prisca Silver is a wholesale jewelry producer offering handmade jewelry sourced from Taxco, Mexico. All our pieces are .925 sterling silver. Our wholesale accessories derive from a rich tradition of local artisanry.

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I’m happy to announce that as of September 27th we have free shipping on all orders to the US and Mexico! We are in the process of finding the most efficient way to ship internationally.  

Check out our silver jewelry selection, if you’re interested in looking for product to supply your store(s). You’ll find a handpicked selection of silver pendants, earrings and necklaces. 

We will be expanding our little line of products soon to offer a wide variety of high quality selections. We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service. Feel free to use the contact form below if you have any questions. 

Santa Prisca Silver also offers custom bulk jewelry manufacturing services from our facility in Taxco, Mexico. We supply all types of jewelry to designers in the US and around the world.

As a worldwide wholesale silver jewelry distributor, building and retaining mutually beneficial relationships is one of our key priorities.

The Path of Least Resistance 

This is a great early lesson to learn if you’re involved in retail markets or really any market at all: B2C and B2B customers tend to follow the path of least resistance in a sales process.  

In the fashion or jewelry industry, ‘less resistance’ could mean lower prices, an easier-to-use shopping UX or a system that remembers past orders. Really, anything that makes things simpler.  

Any overcomplication in a sales funnel will hurt conversion rates. 

Remember Blockbuster’s collapse and Netflix’s astonishing growth? Of course, this stressed the giant difference between the inconvenience of brick & mortar and the ease of using an online streaming service. 

When competitors are ‘on their game,’ the margin between winning and losing can be much slimmer than in the example above. Here, tiny advantages can make all the difference. 

Pricing by Margin

I once walked by two competing currency exchange locations right next to one another in an airport. The rates were different, but by a very small margin. The result? The location with the marginally better rates had a full line of people. The other location had no one waiting for service. The price difference may have been tiny, but it meant the difference between all the available business and no business whatsoever. 

This also means that if you’re ruthlessly undercutting all your competitors with crazy-good rates, you’re probably charging too little, because this pricing strategy might not be necessary for you to remain the customer’s best option. Wholesale fashion jewelry distributors should be checking out the market before setting their prices. Same with B2C retailers!

Be your Customer’s Best Option

Folks will naturally select what they perceive is in their best interest. This may seem obvious, but the point is to stress that almost all the responsibility lies with the seller, barring the occasional crazy churn. It can be a bitter pill to swallow, but if your goods or services do not remain their best option, you can’t really blame customers for wanting to move on. 

Quite a few issues stem either from messaging problems or inherent product value problems. Pricing has to be adjusted to match percieved product value, clearly. If the rates do represent ‘actual value,’ and sales aren’t happening, it’s probably a ‘messaging problem,’ which can be realigned pretty quickly. Product quality issues will require lowering prices or trading out for better product with a better marketing proposition, which also adds percieved value. 

If the value is not being perceived, it could also just be that the wrong audience is being addressed. This is often the result of neglecting a honed definition of your ideal customer, your (MQL) marketing qualified leads.

You could offer a vegan one hundred steaks for twenty dollars, and he’d just look at you as if you were crazy. The great value, in this case, literally means nothing to the target audience, because he has no interest in the product. 

You could try to offer a $350,000 sports car at an 80% discount to a middle-income consumer. It’s a great price, but obviously, $70k is still ridiculously unaffordable to him.  

Outreach requires conveying to the market that you’ll address its wants at a price it can pay.

The great thing about jewelry is that almost everyone understands its inherent value. An added branding margin may come from the story that’s told around it. At SPS, our goal is to support local artisans by using modern technology to promote their traditional craft and ultimately, to release our own trademarked selections of men’s jewelry and women’s jewelry. Our Taxco sterling silver has grown in populatity in additional due to our narrative as well as the quality of the pieces themselves – wholesale earrings free shipping.

Back to the Free Shipping Question

I once heard the ideal sales process described as being like a slippery slide at an amusement park. Any friction that exists in that process should be removed. 

In trying to get rid of barriers, another thing you can do is to remove extra last-minute costs that annoy customers. In retail, shipping expenditures are one of these. Jewelry free shipping deals work especially well in the burgeoning mid-market. 

Cost add-ons that aren’t associated with extra value are generally wrong (they’re completely different than up-sells). 

Having free shipping is one of those elements that will almost always work in your favor. It has a positive impact on your price vs. purchasing curve, because shipping constitutes its own sort of mental category as a customer navigates a checkout process. 

Marketing researchers have measured consumer reactions by behavior and ‘attitude’ correlation, referring very specifically to ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ emotions that impact purchasing decisions throughout the buyer’s journey. 

Added costs towards the end of the process leave a bad impression, because they impact the overall value exchange of the order negatively right before the buyer makes a final decision as to whether to go through with the transaction. 

Whatever the value exchange was before, it got worse when those charges were added. It messes with an offer of wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen.

We’re glad to be streamlining the ordering process and making it less expensive for our customers to do business with us, whether they’re in London, New York City, Los Angeles or Beijing.  

This topic actually reminds me a bit of the Singapore airport. Some countries charge you an entry fee when you go through immigration at the border. Not Singapore, though. The thinking behind this is almost certainly a mentality that supports the principle of a frictionless relationship. They don’t want your twenty dollars at the airport. What they want is to make Singapore as easy as possible to do business with in 100 different little ways that add up majorly. They’ll get the 20 bucks back and quite a bit more as a result of this mentality.  

To Conclude..

Thanks for taking the time to read our article today. Again, we’re a wholesale jewelry supplier. Check out our selection if you wish to. Best of luck with your business!