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Welcome to our webstore for retailers interested in wholesale mexican silver jewelry!

Our workshop has been a trusted supplier since 1990.  

We are passionate about providing top quality jewelry, handcrafted by skilled artisans and silversmiths in Taxco de Alarcon. Mexican jewelry designs are inspired by the country’s culture, traditions and its natural surroundings. This local craftsmanship consistently wins awards in global competitions. 


We fit a variety of fashion retailer’s needs. 


This is why Santa Prisca Silver has some of the fastest selling jewelry in the market, and why our retail partners typically re-up every quarter


Please contact us if you have any questions about how our ‘subscription’ discount model works. Our retail partners enjoy 10% price reductions for all orders above $1,500 within 90 days of their prior order.  


We’re stewards of the history of the Taxco silver trade, which is why we publish content about Taxco silver marks and Taxco silversmiths, to help share what we’ve learned from this community.


As wholesalers of some of the finest jewelry sold from Taxco, we serve clients in the USA, England, Canada, France, Australia, Costa Rica, Belize and Israel.  

We’ve provided links to some of our product offerings below. Navigate down a bit, or just head over to our Taxco wholesale silver retail store to learn more. 


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Silver Earrings

~ 950 Sterling Silver Earrings with Natural Blue Topaz and Citrines

~ Silver Hoop Earrings 

~ Hammered Taxco Earrings

Silver Bracelets

~ Bali Design Bracelet

~ Flower and Hearts Bracelet

~ Infinity Love Bracelet

Silver Earrings with Pendant Combination  

~ 950 Sterling Silver Red Garnet Pendant and Earrings Set 

~ 950 Sterling Silver Set with Natural Amethysts

950 Sterling Silver Citrine Pendant and Earring Set


~ 950 Oxidized Sterling Silver, Meteorite and Yellow Sapphire Pendant and Earring Combination (1)

~ 950 Oxidized Sterling Silver, Meteorite and Yellow Sapphire Pendant and Earring Combination (2)

~ 950 Sterling Silver, Meteorite and Tanzanite Pendant and Earring Combination


The above selections are all handmade in our workshop in Taxco de Alarcon. Delivery takes just three to five business days. 

So why is Santa Prisca Silver the dealer of choice for many retailers?

~ We provide the best value and prices found in the Taxco marketplace, which keeps our partners’ margins high

~ We cater to a variety of types of jewelry consumers, 

with prices for individual items ranging from just a few dollars to $350

~ Our service is responsive and in excellent English (or Spanish). Shipping is free for orders to Mexico and to the United States. 

~ We update our selection with new, popular items regularly

~ All major debit cards/debit cards are accepted through Paypal. If you want to send an order manually, feel free to reach out with the corresponding product codes. We can send payment requests through Paypal. 

~ We take custom bulk orders from designers based on their 3d printed files, to make their designs a reality at reasonable prices

We’ve provided a slightly more extensive list below in alphabetical order of examples of additional types of jewelry we can find in the Taxco de Alarcon market. 

If anything on the list piques your interest, let us know, and we’ll find it for you! It’s always easier to do business with one supplier rather than juggling multiple ones. 

Silver Market –

~ Arracadas de Plata

~ Lazos de Plata 

~ Joyeria Caballero

~ Joyeria Deportes

~ Joyeria Infantil

~ Joyeria Treny

~ Juegos Pulsera

~ Semanarios de Plata

~ Silver Chains

~ Silver Misterios

~ Silver Necklaces

~ Silver Pendants

~ Silver Rosarios Rings 

~ Tobilleras de Plata


Reach out to inquire. Once an order is made, we’ll be in contact with you regarding its status. 


We may even be able to provide pictures from Taxco and document the process for you!


We understand that consistency, timeliness and quality as well as product accuracy of the pictures are the core attributes that make our retail partners satisfied and which help foster happy, long-term relationships.  

We look forward to working with you, if we get the opportunity!