Silver Wave Earrings



As with all our selections, these earrings are handmade .925 sterling silver. They have a diameter of ½ IN. and are stylish, affordable and perfect for casual social gatherings, vut unique enough to draw the attention of friends and acquaintances at formal events as well. They bounce a bit as they hang, and the wave design reflects a room’s light beautifully; if you’re looking for some sparkles. The findings are large, which helps them stay secure.


If you’re interested in broadening the jewelry you offer to your customers, check out the broader range of silver earrings we have in stock. Also, take a look at our necklace collection. At a wholesale price of $5.50 they are an excellent deal for a retail jewelry shop. We predict these could sell at 2x or 3x the wholesale price, depending on your respective market.



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