Bali Design Bracelet (Male)


Handmade in our workshop in Taxco, Mexico, this intertwined bracelet is one of our most popular items, no Taxco silver marks here. Bali is a favorite destination! We ourselves have spent significant time in Ubud, a mecca of yoga and meditation. Here’s how I’ll prove it. Everyone there wears belts that have pouches to carry their special vegan spices. They look like super heroes with their utility belts!


This bracelet is .925 sterling silver and eight inches. This is the high quality solid, NOT PLATED silver. Check out the female bali design bracelet for the slightly smaller version. You may add it to your cart below, if you wish! If this is your second order within 90 days, you’ll recieve our partner discount.


The Balinese coast is also one of the best surf destinations in the world. If you’re into surfing, check out Morocco too, habibi! A friend of the company owns a guesthouse out there! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about this piece or about how we work with our customers and our retail partners. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible.


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Product description above! We think the pictures do a pretty good job too, though!